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As you know, your high school years are some of the best, most important times in your life. They reflect a significant time of discovery, learning, and growth. Your senior portraits should be representative of who you really are. This time of your life will never be repeated. It must be captured so it will exist in photos forever. At Dreamspeed Photography, we make each young woman’s experience unique, to fit her individual interests and personality. No two portraits will be the same. We will have a consultation before your shoot to find out how we can best show the world who you are. You will have professional hair and make-up and be treated like a fashion model.

What your school doesn’t tell you about your yearbook pictures.

If your school has a designated yearbook photographer, you MUST go to that photographer for your yearbook photo ONLY. For the portraits that you WANT to purchase, you may go to any photographer of your choosing. You do NOT have to buy your senior pictures from the designated yearbook photographer. Come to Dreamspeed Photography for one-of-a-kind portraits that you and your family will treasure forever.