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Have you ever had a secret vision of yourself? Have you ever dreamed of being photographed like the evil queen in Snow White? Or Stevie Nicks? Or on a bed of roses? Maybe you have daydreamed about being photographed in a designer gown on a mountain top? Maybe you have dreamed of seeing yourself in another time? We can make your vision come true in a conceptual portrait. Perhaps you want to create a conceptual business portrait that is a step above the rest that will grab your potenial clients’ attention.

Dreamspeed Photography Warrenton, Virginia
Recreation of a family portrait. Great-grandmother on left photographed in 1892, her great-grand daughter in 2015.


Your conceptual portrait session is all about bringing your vision to life. You will receive hair and make-up from a professional stylist and a consultation about what outfits or costumes to wear.

Tell us your dreams.

Here is a video with some of our favorite conceptual portraits: