Gold cup hat show, Dreamspeed Photography, Warrenton VA

It’s Gold Cup time again! According to the Great Meadow website it was “on April 3, 1922, eight sportsmen met at the Fauquier Club in Warrenton and decided to organize a four-mile race between flags over the natural walls and fences of the nearby hunting countryside.  From its beginning, the race was intended to be a national event drawing ‘the best hunters in America.'” Not only does it draw the best competitors, the hats and outfits worthy of Vogue. 

I love shooting the Gold Cup every year. Year over year, the hats and outfits have gotten more colorful and outrageous. This year was no exception. I noticed many more hats with veils this year, and many less small fascinator hats.

Check out one of my hat shoots at the 2015 International Gold Cup.