Why some people don’t use their photo as their profile picture.

Are you using a current professional photo of yourself on your professional social media platforms and website? If not, you leave yourself open to speculation. Why would you allow your potential customers to doubt you from the start? Consumers are much more savoy about marketing since the birth of social media. They notice if you are not using a professional image or if you don’t update your photo. If you don’t have a professional photo of yourself on social media and your website, you may be perceived as not taking your business seriously. Or worse. I found this list of psychological reasons of why some people may not use their photos. You don’t want any of the following connected with you:

  • 1) The person is neurotic:  Neurotic people are more likely to put pictures of objects instead of their own pictures in order to hide themselves from others or to hide their emotions.
  • 2) They are paranoid: Paranoid people are more likely to avoid putting pictures on social media. Those people always feel that someone is watching them or trying to harm them and so they avoid putting any kind of personal information online.
  • 3) They have self image issues: People who have self image issues or who do not think they look good might avoid taking pictures or putting them online.
  • 4) Low self esteem: People with low self esteem or a weak sense of identity might avoid putting their personal picture in their profile picture.
  • 5) They have trust issues: People who have trust issues might not feel comfortable sharing any personal detail with others including their own pictures.
  • 6) To create fake identities: Sometimes people try to create fake identities to avoid being who they are. People who are not satisfied with who they are are more likely to create a fake identity to become someone that they are not.

Contact Dreamspeed Photography. Everyone has issues around putting their photo online to some degree or another. But if you want to be in business, it is a nesscessary evil. We understand their issues and will make you feel comfortable so we can produce an amazing photo for your online presence.