Newcomb's Hollow in Wellfleet-Cape CodThe first real winter day came today. I usually love the first snow, but today was brutal. Snow in the morning, then bone chilling sleet pelted Warrenton and seemed to seep into every vulnerable spot I have. With this nasty start to winter, I find myself drifting away to get through the day. It feels like everyone is catching their breath, or holding their breath. Maybe it’s because we just came through a long mid-term race, maybe it’s because Christmas commericals started too quickly, or just that the first winter snow was too wet and cold.

I cheated myself and last year and didn’t get to spend enough time on Cape Cod. So I find myself escaping to the place I want to be most, Wellfleet in the summer. Not being a time traveler yet, I went through some of my Cape photos. It’s the best I can do the first hard day of winter. Sunset at Eastham, Cape Cod

Fort Hill in Eastham on Cape Cod