One of my favorite shoots so far this year was the seance shoot for the center spread of InFauquier magazine. I decided to save my favorite images to post here for Halloween.


I have always been facinated by the late 19th century seance phenomenon. I love “spirit photography” that grew out of the seances of the time. I also find it bizarre that people who attended seances, dressed like they were going to the opera. It was Harry Houdini who dedicated his life to exposing frauds in the seance world that ended this odd era in American pasttimes.

Everyone brought in clothes and props that were fabulous. I wanted the clothes to be a touch old-fashioned, but something that could be worn in 2018. The whole thing was effortless once I figured out my light set-up. There is a write-up ¬†about how I did this seance shoot in the fall of edition of InFauquier. You can find it on the magazine page of the Fauquier Times. It’s in the “That’s the Spirit” issue. I have also included some behind the scenes photos. We all had a great time. Thanks Sawyer, Chris, Jeanne, Taylor, Anita!

Happy Halloween!

Dream speed Photography Warrenton Virginia Seance shoot