Dreamspeed Photography Warrenton, Virginia
I recently had a fantastic session with Kate, a multimedia advertising representative. I interviewed her about how important it is to your brand to have fresh, up to date, professional photos to share on social media and websites. Having great head shots is something she recommends to her own clients.

Dreamspeed Photography Warrenton, Virginia“Having a professional image is important for your business and for the perception of others that you would like to do business with. This is your brand, and just as it’s a very big exciting event when major brands change their logos or update their look, it’s a major event when you update your look. It feels good and it projects a new era in your own business or your own career. You should probably think about doing these once every year or more often if your focus has changed. But at the very least, you should be thinking always about the way you appear to your business colleagues, associates and potential prospects at anytime. And having professional head shots that bring you up to date and help you edit out those things that make you a little bit nervous, or a little too quirky, can be beneficial to your confidence so that you can be poised for your next appointment.

Dreamspeed Photography Warrenton, Virginia

Particularly in businesses where people come to your home, you want to have some sense of familiarity with the person on the other end of the phone before they show up at your door.

If you think about what you post on Facebook and what you share on Facebook, it’s always your profile picture or your wall picture that gets the most interest. People know that is a best representation of you or what’s going on in your world at that particular time, and you notice almost instantly that the number of people responding and interacting with it go up from your standard ‘likes’ or ‘loves.’ People really enjoy getting an up-close and personal moment just with you, and that’s why they engage with you….”

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