Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Everyone acts as though they have plenty of time. They believe they will have plenty of time to lose weight. Plenty of time to get their hair highlighted. Plenty of time to buy new clothes.

What if you don’t have time?

What if you get hit by a drunk driver tonight? What if you find out you have incurable cancer and have one month to live? What if you are the victim of a fatal shooting?

Hopefully, you won’t vanish anytime soon! However, one day you will disappear from the face of the earth. When you disappear, what impression will you leave behind? What images will your family and friends have to remember you?

You deserve to document your time as a traveler on this earth. Your family and friends will treasure the images you leave behind because it not only reminds them of you, but the photos of you are evidence of their existence as well. Photos are visible intersections that link our human journey. Think of all the photos you have in your home. They are the map pins in your life. You can follow the roads that link the images together to find yourself, the evidence that you had an impact on the lives of others.

Dreamspeed Photography, Warrenton, Virginia, Okie Duncan (Mountain) - Marion College about 1927.
Okie Duncan (Mountain) – Marion College about 1927

Her is a photo of my grandmother, Okie Duncan Mountain – at Marion College, Virginia about 1927. I’m so lucky that she didn’t wait till she was thinner, or had better hair or had better clothes. I mostly remember my grandmother with dementia. I’m so fortunate to have this photo of her to show me how free she once was. I feel closer to her because of this photo. If my house was burning, my photos like this are the first thing I would grab. Leave something behind that would be worth rescuing from a burning house.

Places please.