I had forgotten how I love the darkness.

Darkness with blue, Dreamspeed Photography, Warrenton VirginiaMina, my friend and excellent model, invited me to shoot at her home. Her bed sits under a big window covered in long, gauzy curtains. Thinking a silhouette of a woman against sunlight would be great for my stock photography library, I took a few shots and realized it’s harder than it looks.  How do you convey an emotion with a silhouette?

I asked Mina to really stretch to create shapes (which she did beautifully).  I tried to use her beautiful hands as much as possible. It was in post processing that I played with colors and filters to achieve different moods.

Darkness in the morning, Dreamspeed PhotographyI had forgotten how I love the darkness.

I don’t usually play with dark shadows since most stock photography and portraits require more light. I’m always adjusting the light, I think I need to start adjusting the darkness.

My whole life, I have loved the darkness more than the light. I love walking at night, staying up all night, I even like it when the days get short at the beginning of winter.  But after I had some health issues, I found myself scared of falling. Before I knew it, I started walking differently in the dark. Walking down my driveway became like inching along an ledge a thousand stories high or walking around a monster that I didn’t want to wake up.  I have recovered, but that fear of falling down is still strong. I used to stride through the night gulping as much blackness as I could swallow. Ironically for me, I have to walk into the darkness, not light, without fear.

“Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.”

Yousuf Karsh

Darkness by the window, Dreamspeed Photography, VirginiaDarkness and depression, Dreamspeed Photography, Warrenton, Virginia