Holiday posing tips from Dreamspeed Photography Warrenton VA

It’s that time of year when somebody at a family holiday gathering or holiday office party pulls out a camera. You panic. “Oh my god, don’t take my picture.” But they insist. So you scramble to the back of the pack and hide as much of yourself as possible until only your eyes and the top of your head are showing.

Why are you taking yourself out of the picture? By not existing in photos, you are literally wiping yourself from human memory. Your loved ones and friends want you in the photos. Somebody will want to remember you!

A Few Holiday Posing Tips for For Women

Chin forward and down. This is the most important one. It helps prevent double chins and makes your neck look longer and more slender. I call it turtling. Stick your chin out and drop it a little. This feels strange at first. Practice this in the mirror. You will be amazed.

Drop your shoulders. When some people get tense, they bring their shoulders up around their ears. Drop them. Again, this will make you look more slender.

Ballet hands. If your hands are going to show, make them light and pretty.

Weight on one foot. Shift your weight to one foot and pop your hip out as far as your can. If you are thin, slightly tip your hips toward the camera, it you are heavier, tip your hips slightly away from the camera.

Arms around You. If men are in the photo, make sure men have arms around the women. This makes men look stronger and women look more slender. If women encircle someone in their arms, women’s arms can look bigger then they are.

45 Degrees. Don’t stand straight on to the camera. If you can, turn so you are at a 45 degree angle from the camera. If you can’t turn that much, turn as much as your can.

Now be holiday strong and be remembered!