by Diane L. Haworth

“I needed professional headshots to add to my coaching website after I realized the last shots I’d taken were in 2009. Why’d I wait so long?Sassy_Diane

I had sooo many good reasons:

“I’ll get it done after I lose another 25 pounds.”

“I’ll wait until my hair is longer/shorter/ a different color.”

“I don’t know what to wear.”

“I need to new makeup.”

“I’ll do it when I look younger.” (Now really, how was THAT going to happen?)

But this time was different. I realized what was going on. These thoughts simply represented my own fears of being judged. That’s it.

In reality, it wasn’t even the potential judging that was holding me back…it was my thoughts about being judged. If I wanted a different experience, I had only to change my thoughts about this photo shoot. And I did.

I found the perfect photographer in Cindy Goff of Dreamspeed Photography and my adventure began.

As our session started, I set my intention to allow my personality to shine through the photo. I said a little prayer asking that these pictures speak to the people who were the best fit for me and my business. I asked for the photos to reflect the real me. I concentrated on my inner being instead of obsessing on my outer appearance.

With my intention clear, it happened. I was comfortable and relaxed, trusting my photographer and thoroughly enjoying the process.

sassy_Diane L. Haworth_www.DianeHaworth.comOut came my “sassy.” Cindy gently directed my movements, suggested subtle poses and played with lighting. We talked, laughed, and had a blast with the shoot. I decided I wanted some “goofy shots” and those are my favorites! She captured me telling the shark story I often tell on stage and every expression is the real me.

The authentic me.

The imperfect, perfect me.”

I will share more of Diane’s images in an upcoming blog. Check out her excellent website at: