Dreamspeed Photography is looking for fabulous high school girls with great style and awesome personalities to serve as 2016-2017 Senior Spokesmodels to Spokesmodel- Vision in the garden of Kaley as Marie Antoinetterepresent our unique photography studio. We are looking for spokesmodels who are currently high school juniors that live in Fauquier County, Prince William County, Fairfax County, or Loudoun County.

Want to get your senior portraits for free?

Here’s how it works: You fill out our form and send us a current photo. If you are chosen as a spokesmodel, we will have a short meeting with one or both of your parents to sign a model release, schedule your photo shoot, and answer any questions about the program. The spokesmodels that are chosen will receive a personalized photo shoot complete with professional hair and make-up. You will receive business cards (“rep cards”) with your image to give out to your friends and family. While spokesmodels can purchase their photos at anytime, spokesmodels can get their photographs for FREE by encouraging others to use our services. Being a Spokesmodel for Dreamspeed Photography means you will have amazing one-of-a-kind images and incredible benefits. Show off your portraits to as many people as you can, and talk up your fun and creative experience shooting with Dreamspeed Photography. Encourage others to contact us for their portrait needs. Your referrals can be other high school students, or any other women seeking a portrait session (like glamour, bridal, maternity, female generations family portrait).

You do not have to have any previous modeling experience or even look like a “typical model” to be chosen. Our decisions will be based on personality, activities, and your eagerness to be in the program. Keep this is mind when filling out your application. The more we know, the better. Below are a few things that make a GREAT Senior Spokesmodel!

  • Excited about having a Senior Spokesmodel Session that is unique, fun, and represents who you really are.
  • Friendly, outgoing, and approachable personality.
  • Has interesting in- or out-of-school activities or interests that would be fun to photograph.
  • Is confident and likes being in-front of the camera.
  • Able and willing to share their portraits and Spokemodels images with other students.
  • Wants to earn amazing rewards for referring their friends and classmates to Dreamspeed Photography.

Spokesmodel - Moria at skatepark with skateboard Dreamspeed Photography Warrenton Virginia

The Details:

Benefits for Senior Spokesmodels include…

  • A fabulous Spokesmodel photo session valued at $200– We will create a custom session to showcase who you are. During this session we will create the images you will show off to your friends and classmates. These images will be used in our online and print advertising. This session includes professional hair and make-up.
  • After the shoot we will create “Rep cards” featuring your images and our business contact information that you can pass out to others.
  • After your Spokesmodel session, we will choose several images that will be posted to our Dreamspeed Photography Senior page on Facebook and on our Dreamspeed Photography Instagram page. From there, you can tag your images and share them with your friends and classmates.

Favorite Images 2016-Senior Portrait, Kaley-Dreamspeed Photography Warrenton Virginia

The Rewards:

  • For every client who hands us one of your Rep cards at the completion of their senior, glamour, maternity, conceptual or female family photo shoot you will receive:
    • An 8 x 10 print from your Spokesmodel session (a $40 value).
    • A $25 studio credit which can be applied toward purchase of additional photos, one of our packages, wall art or additional photo shoots.
  • After 5 referrals, you will receive a slide show of your Spokesmodel Session (a $199 value).
  • After 10 referrals, you will receive a 16 x 24 mounted print (a $230 value).
  • After 15 referrals, you will receive a 20 x 30 fine art portrait gallery wrap (a $770 value).

In order to apply you must fill out the application at the bottom of this page and email a current photo of yourself to cindy@dreamspeedpress.com. If selected as a spokesmodel, we will require an in person consultation with at least one of your parents or guardians where you and they will sign your model release and where we’ll design and schedule your photo shoot.

Spokesmodel-Favorite Images 2016-flowers-Dreamspeed Photography Warrenton VirginiaConceptual portrait flowers, Dreamspeed Photography Warrenton VAAttention Mom and Dad:

What your school doesn’t tell you about yearbook pictures is that you don’t have to use their photographer for all of your senior pictures! Your school may have a designated yearbook photographer and may require you to use that photographer for your yearbook photo. In many cases, these are cookie-cutter images in which everybody looks the same. While they’ll do their best to sell you additional prints from these shoots, those will just be copies of the same tired images. You do NOT have to buy your senior pictures from the school’s designated yearbook photographer.

Dreamspeed Photography is giving you the opportunity to save some money by allowing your daughter to become a Senior Spokesmodel for the studio.

Details: For every completed session (resulting in a sale) that was a direct result of your daughter’s (or your) referral, you will receive a free 8 x10 print AND a $25 studio credit toward products such as additional prints, wall portraits or photo packages. The more clients that come in with your daughter’s Rep Card, the more money you save. To receive referral credit, clients MUST bring in your daughter’s Rep Card when sitting for their photo shoot. Only one referral will be accepted per session. You can help your daughter by assisting in distribution of her Senior Rep Cards. Giving a card to a friend, relative or co-worker takes two seconds and can help earn your daughter’s great photo credits.

What do you have to do? If your daughter is selected as one of our spokesmodels, you must attend a short in-person meeting where we’ll discuss the details and schedule of your daughter’s photo shoot. At this meeting you’ll sign a model release allowing Dreamspeed Photography to use your daughter’s image in digital and print advertising. We will answer any questions you may have about the program at this time.Spokesmodel-Favorite Images 2016-Dreamspeed Photography


How to Apply 1) Please fill out the form below. 2) Send a recent photo with your name and high school to cindy@dreamspeedpress.com. We will contact those girls who are chosen as finalists and may announce our spokesmodels through social media. The deadline for submissions is Friday, January 29, 2016.

If you have any question, contact us at cindy@dreamspeedpress.com.

Check out our Seniors page with video: http://dreamspeedphotography.com/seniors/