It’s time to look for inspiration for 2016. In 2015, I loved recreating classic paintings, (Ophelia and Bridgette BardotGirl with the Pearl Earring) so once again I’m looking to the art world for inspiration. There is so much to learn from the masters about lighting and posing. In additional, it’s critical to get your camera at just the right angle as I learned when trying to revision someone else’s work. There is a moment when your model has just the right expression and pose and when you are just in the right position.

Of course, I’m not trying to copy these works exactly but use them as a jumping off point. Again, this is difficult to pull off: where does someone else’s art stop and yours begin? How much of the original are you going to take? What can you take and make truly your own?

These are the images I want to work with this year. A couple of them would be very challenging in terms of costume like the Rembrandt, Marie Antoinette, Boticelli, and Klimt. There will be some wig issues in the Boticelli also! I will have to find just the right wall for The Tambourine Girl. Lady Beatrice D’Este and Portrait of a Woman I think I can pull off with the right fringe, beads and fabrics. La Dormeuse is going to depend on the right lighting, pose and camera angle. Marie LaVeau is wide open because there are not that many portraits of her so I can be more creative, just starting with turban and hoop earrings. Lady Agnew needs a wide pink sash and a colorful chair which I will look for at yard sales. If you have any ideas about how to make (fake) costumes, or where the perfect background might be, I’m all eyes!