My husband and I love the Warrenton Halloween Parade! Our dog daughter, Zora, has participated for several years now (this year she wore a little brown steam punk hat with white lace trim). This year I started taking photos as usual, and then suddenly I took a fall. For whatever reason, my left ankle went out from under me and I fell on Main Street like a tree. I banged my leg up and scraped my head. However, I was most alarmed because I thought I had destroyed my camera. It turned out to be fine, just needs a little part. I held onto the camera all the way down and kept snapping images. In the last photo you can see the witch that came running over to help. Actually, lots of people came to make sure I was ok which is one of the reasons I love living in Warrenton Virginia. To see upcoming events in Warrenton, Virginia check out Upcoming Fauquier Events