It’s time for that question that pops up every October: “Why do women dress like sluts for Halloween? ”
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We have progressed far enough in the US for women to dress as anything they want…almost (running around topless in Kansas might still be a problem). Yet, many choose to dress “slutty.” What is driving intelligent, accomplished women to dress like trampy Nurse Ratcheds?

Could dressing “slutty” be a healthy female sex urge flexing its muscles and ripping through its work clothes? Is true female sexuality a superhero that changes her outfit in a phone booth only on Halloween night? Is it possible that even the US, with its Victoria’s Secret and condom commercials, is still way too puritanical for the REAL female sex life that is bursting to fly out? The real, ancient female sex urge that was only acceptable in the darkest corners of history at pagan rituals. The same female sex urge that has been tortured, burned and drowned out of women for a millennium.

Am I over thinking it? Is dressing “slutty” simply a way of getting attention? Or could it be just a trend? Dressing “slutty” is “in” right now, so maybe it’s just fashion?

On some level, I believe there is power in being a “slut.”

For whatever reason, our “slutty” twin sister comes out on Halloween. Imagine, if we reveled our true selves everyday. We shouldn’t limit ourselves to one party at the end of October, but 365 days of Halloween. If we did that, we would never have to fear being burned, tortured or drowned. We would realize our true power and seize it. Eventually, we would unshackled ourselves from the notion of what men think is attractive, morph out of the “slutty” exterior into something that truly fits us, and then the “slutty” nurse costumes would be burned instead.