I love shooting high school senior girls because they are willing to be creative. When I asked high school senior, Moria, what she loved, she said, “Skateboard, Irish Dance, and the saxophone.” I knew from the beginning this was going to be a great shoot! Moria has a great energy surrounding her.

Irish Dance

I shot Moria in her beautiful Irish dance competition costume loaded with crystals. I also shot her in her dance workout clothes with different shoes. I had her sit on a black foam core board and put black foam core behind her. I really like the extreme light and dark and the simplicity of these shots.

The Sax

We used her saxophone on both white and black backgrounds. The dark background with the fan on her hair seems more cool and jazzy. I’m going to shoot a smoky bar or swanky background and composite together something new from the sax shots on the white background.


I shot Moria’s skateboard images, then went to Warrenton Skate Park to shoot a background for the skateboard series. The colors worked out just right. She brought a couple of skateboards to pose with, but I loved the color and texture of the large wooden skateboard with the stripes. The more I work with putting a subject on a background, the more I’m convinced this is this the direction I want to go in. I love creating a truly original piece of art for my clients.

By creating a background, or shooting a specific background, you can put your client any place they want to go. There is no way they can get these images anywhere else. Of course, lots of people know how to composite, but every person’s vision is completely unique.