Flowers with blue-Dreamspeed Photography, Warrenton VirginiaI love working with flowers. Every time I go to the Salvation Army, I buy all the fake flowers they have. Sometimes when I’m in Michael’s and there is a sale on flowers, I’ll buy a few. So all these little flower buying trips have added up.

I had a shoot with Ashley last month and decided to put all my flowers to good use. I have had a vision for a while now of shooting a girl lying in a pile of flowers, so I wanted to try it. It is harder than it looks. Ashley laid down on pink tulle (tulle is like pizza, it always works), and I put flowers all around her. It took longer to arrange flowers than I thought it would. She brought two perfect dresses, and I couldn’t decide which one I liked better for the shoot, so we used them both. But this meant two separate flower arranging sessions.

For the pink dress I surrounded her with a ton of pink and lighter colored flowers, and for the blue dress I tried to use more blues and greens which was a bit of a problem because I don’t have a lot of those colors. For the blue dress I did a little tighter crop. But I love how they both came out.

The pink image took quite a bit of Photoshop work to fill in the flower gaps.

I really like the combination of conceptual and glamour here.