Lost in the woods-Dreamspeed Photography, Warrenton VirginiaFrom the beginning I had a vision. Some friends of mine bought an old house with extensive gardens that they are breathing new life into. On the property is an enormous old barn and behind the barn is a wild patch of brush with vines drooping off the massive branches of an ancient, giant pine tree. The first time I saw it, I knew I want to take a fairy tale image of a lost woman there. They also have an incredible boxwood alley with garden rooms full of flowers. I had vision of a woman with a long fluffy dress dragging behind herĀ on this spot.Green corset with no sew tulle skirt for Vision in the garden

These images rolled around my head for a couple of years. I have found it’s best not to fight these visions. So I organized a shoot with a great model I’ve worked with before, Kaley. I decided to make the skirt. I have seen many people doing this online, so I bought 400 yards of 6 inch wide black tulle and got to work. This is the video I used to get things going with the skirt: How to make a no sew tulle skirt. It was actually pretty easy, and didn’t take that long, probably a couple of hours. I didn’t time it. I just worked on it here and there. The green corset and Marie Antoinette wig came from ebay. The white top Kaley is wearing in the woods came from the Salavation Army in Manasssas.

Vision in the garden of Kaley as Marie AntoinetteThe area behind the barn was so dark I had to use constant lights. Thankfully my friends had electricity going in their barn. It was fun using lights on location. Must do more often.

Then Kaley put on the Marie Antoinette wig, and we shot her in the boxwood alley with and without a plain white Halloween mask.

I was so pleased with all these images! It is like the vision is a tumor in my brain that can only be cured by the execution of the photograph. And I always like the real world photo that is born better than the one in my headĀ because it always has surprises I never expected. I love Kaley’s “rich girl” expressions and how she posed with the mask, and the light was just perfect. I so appreciate Kaley helping me to make the vision real. She was a trooper to get in the vines and brush, and it was 8,000 degrees that day. I know she must have been dying. But she never complained.

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Check out behind the scenes footage from the Marie Antoinette photo shoot: