Last month I had a wonderful glamour shoot with beautiful Riley at my studio in Warrenton Virginia.

60s and 70s Look

For one set of shots, we used a fabulous late 60s feather hat that I ordered on ebay. I got the black Woman wearing feather hat by Dreamspeed Photography, Warrenton Virginiaand white striped dress at the Manassas Salvation Army. I suppose it’s because I was a kid in the 70s, but for whatever reason, I love that late 60s and 70s go-go and disco look. For better or worse, the yardstick for glamour and fashion was planted firmly in my head around 1976 (Studio 54, Farrah Fawcett, tunics, sequins, pinstriped pant suits, Cher, velvet jackets, rhinestones)  I want to do more glamour retro shoots from that era.

Composite with hat

Riley posed with the giant sun hat I bought on Cape Cod in Wellfleet years ago. I have used this hat in many shoots, and it always works well. I used it in the sunflower shoot last summer. I took one of the images of Riley in the hat and put her in a daffodil field that I shot earlier in the spring at Haymarket Virginia with Kristal. I used the compositing and retouching techniques I learned from the magnificent sports photographer, Joel Grimes. I had never followed through Joel’s whole “recipe” for a composite. I was pleased with the slightly over the top, unreal feel to the composite with the rich colors.

Here are a few more of my favorite shots from this glamour session with Riley.