Kristal and I met online and had a wonderful photo shoot on April 26, 2015. We started in the studio with some glamour shots and then moved to Burnside Farms in Haymarket, Virginia for an epic conceptual photo shoot.  I got spectacular portfolio pieces from both our studio and location shoots.

Preparing for the Photo Shoot

Kristal sent me photos of her dresses. This was so critical to the success of the shoot because I could be thinking about colors and poses.

I asked her if she had other ideas for a conceptual shoot, and she came up with the idea of being photographed like a fairy. Once I sent her a photograph of the glittery blue fairy wings I just happen to have around the house (doesn’t everybody?), she bought a fantastic blue handkerchief dress that matched the wings perfectly. It just so happened that the tulips at Burnside Farms in Haymarket, Virginia were going to be in full bloom the weekend we planned the shoot. kristal with tulips at Burnside Farms, Haymarket, Virginia. Dreamspeed Photography

I went to Burnside Farms the day before to see what stage the fields where in. When I visited the field, it was freezing and raining, but I walked through the field to find the right place to shoot to get the right background. Fortunately, the day Kristal and I went to Haymarket, the weather was perfect! Kristal wrote a testimonial about our experience:

“Working with Cindy of Dreamspeed Photography was a great Kristal with wings in tulip field in Burnside Farms, Haymarket, Virginia.experience. Before we met for the shoot, we really collaborated on what we both wanted out of the project and traded ideas and pictures to ensure we were going to get the look we both desired. Our plan was to do a glamour shoot with a few different dresses and looks, and then go to Burnside Farms for the tulips in bloom for a fairy concept shoot. Cindy is very professional and it was comfortable to work with her. She will work with you to make sure your shoot goes smoothly and your posing and images look beautiful. The fairy concept shoot was a lot of fun and the weather was just perfect. The tulips and daffodils were beautiful and in full bloom. It really allowed us to get into the fairy concept.”

I want to thank Kristal and my photo assistant and videographer, Karen for helping me with the glamour and location shoot in Haymarket, Virginia.

Check out the video of our shoot in Haymarket, Virginia at Burnside Farms:

Kristal in daffodil field with fairy wings, Haymarket Virginia.
I had not really considered the daffodil field next to the tulips, but it looked great with Kristal’s blue wings and dress.