A Fairy Queen Somewhere in Virginia

Fairy Queen. Young woman wearing curly blond wig and Renaissance gown by Dreamspeed Photography in Warrenton Virginia.

Last weekend we were so fortunate to be able to do a photo shoot of Mina at her home on the creek.  Mina is so delicate looking, she was born to be a fairy queen. I had gotten it stuck in my head that I wanted her to have crazy long hair, a Rapunzel sort of thing. So I went to a fabulous costume store (Fantasy Creations in Roanoke Virginia), and they had this incredible wig Fairy Queen. Mina standing by dark flowering trees by Dreamspeed Photography, Warrenton Virginia.which is actually supposed to be Lady Godiva hair. Mina was a great sport to wear it because it almost weighed as much as she does. The costume store also had the beautiful purple velvet  Renaissance dress which fit Mina just right. The twig crown was made by my friend and make-up artist, Tracey. Check out this blog post to see how to make a twig crown.

We were just in time to catch the big magnolia in bloom which was the perfect background for this photo shoot. In some images we dropped pink petals in the giant, blond hair. Also, there is a line of gorgeous flowering crabapple trees that her father planted which were just starting to bloom. I love that the blossoms on the crabapple were not completely out which made them a deeper red.

For shooting on the creek, we had to climb down a little, but steep,Fairy Queen. Young woman wearing purple Renaissance gown standing by a creek by Dreamspeed Photography in Warrenton Virginia. hill to get to the rocks. Again, it was the perfect time of year because the grass in the field we walked through was short and the snakes were not awake yet. Apparently there are a lot of snakes at the creek. I hate to do a photo shoot in known snakey places. I know I have an irrational fear of sharks and snakes, but I feel the snake fear would not be unfounded one month later near the water.

Fairy Queen. Young woman throwing a chicken in the air by Dreamspeed Photography in Warrenton Virginia.Mina keeps chickens, and they were pecking around during the photo shoot. The chicken she posed with looked like one of the Muppet characters. Mina tried to get all the chickens to follow her up to the crabapple trees, but one of them got a big piece of bread, and the others were hypnotized by that. So we worked with just one chicken.

I love the magical feel of the images. Mina did an excellent job and was born to be a wood nymph/fairy queen. I will put together a behind the scenes video in the near future.


Images and behind the scenes video from the Fairy on the Creek Shoot: