Pregnant woman holding flowers Dreamspeed Photography VirginiaI went to my doctor’s office on for the dreaded annual exam. As I was filling out dreary medical paperwork, a beautiful young pregnant woman came in and sat down. I gave her one of my cards and told her I would love to photograph her.

Later that afternoon, I got a call from the young woman, Sarah. She told me she would like to do a photo shoot because the doctor was going to induce labor the next day. I grabbed some fresh cut daffodils out of my garden, went to Joanne’s Fabrics and grabbed a ton of pink and peach tulle.

I photographed Sarah in natural light in my studio. I used one constant light on a few shots for a little extra push. She was so patient and let me wrap her in tulle and pin it all over her. I know it’s a cliché that pregnant women glow, but she really was glowing, and I wanted to capture that.

This particular shoot solidified why I love photography. It’s all summed up in the phrase, “Exist in Photos.” I was inspired, not only to create a beautiful photo, but by the fact that, hopefully, Sarah will keep my photo for daughter and tell her that this was taken on the eve of her birth. Peraphs this image will be kept in her family, and one day 100 years from now, Sarah’s great-granddaughter will be able to see how beautiful her great-grandmother was on a Tuesday afternoon in April of 2015.