I had a great shoot with the beautiful, crazy model Rowan a couple of weeks ago. We have been shooting together and growing as artists for several years. I asked Rowan to write something about herself for this blog:

“I am Rowan Willowmay. I am currently in college. I began modeling for Cindy a couple years ago. What started out as some snapshots by the lake turned into a wonderful, pictorial journey. I feel like I learn something new every time we shoot. I like the whimsical, surreal photography the best. It is fun to be weird and still look glamorous. My interests include playing ukulele and guitar, hula hooping, hanging out with Mina, and reading. Working with Cindy and Tracey is more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

This October shoot in particular was a blast. Together Cindy and I explored new territory- shooting in a tub of water, flowers, and milk for visual effect. It was my favorite shoot so far! It was challenging but it turned into something really amazing and artistic.

I always look forward to shooting fairytale-esque portraits with Cindy. The creativity flowed in the shoot from blue velvet to magical twig crowns.”

Rowan in milk

Dreamspeed Photography, Glamour and conceptual portraits, Warrenton VirginiaThe bathtub shoot was challenging but well worth it. We discovered the hot water heater was not on, so we had to wait for the water to warm up. When the gallon of milk was brought in, it was literally the coldest milk on the planet, so we had to keep running warm water to┬áprevent Rowan from freezing to death. The bathroom is tiny, and we had Rowan in the tub, Mina holding a reflector, Tracey sitting on the toilet, and me trying to get the best angle. I ended up getting in the tub and standing over Rowan for the best shot. Mina brought the pretty fresh flowers from her yard which worked just right. We may try this again sometime, knowing what we know now…Dreamspeed Photography, Glamour and conceptual portraits, Warrenton Virginia