Had a great shoot with Rowan Thomas (model) and Tracey Carter (make-up and wardrobe) last weekend inDreamspeed Photography, Halloween Glamour Shoot, Royal Oak Cemetery, Marion Virginia Marion, Virginia in the heart of Appalachia. Ron Thomas shot some behind the scenes video which I will post in the near future. In keeping with the season, we created a glamour Halloween look.

I found a beautiful black lace dress at Salvation Army in Rowan’s size hanging in the front window just waiting for me to pick up. By the way, I have had that experience before; in the past when I have had a vision for a shoot, I have walked into the Salvation Army and found exactly what I’m looking for. Also bought black tulle and Halloween spider lace for the veil from Joanne’s Fabrics on sale. Also, Tracey made the beautiful black lace crown.Dreamspeed Photography, Halloween Glamour shoot, Royal Oak Cemetery, Marion Virginia

We shot a few photos in the studio, but the outdoor shots were taken at Royal Oak Cemetery. Royal Oak Cemetery is located in Marion behind the Marion Baptist Church on the east end of town. The Royal Oak Cemetery, possibly the oldest graveyard in Smyth County and owned by the Town of Marion, was abandoned for years and many of the markers have disappeared or are illegible. The graves spill down a steep hill, and it is the perfect backdrop for a creepy glamour Halloween shoot.

Dreamspeed Photography, Halloween Glamour Shoot, Royal Oak Cemetery, Marion VirginiaDreamspeed Photography Halloween Glamour shoot