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Original Shot of Rowan

I shot this great image of my model Rowan when we were setting up for our shoot. I love the expression on her face and position of her body, but I didn’t do anything with the image because of the background, just fooling around, blah, blah, blah.

I have been very influenced by Amanda Diaz lately and downloaded some of her actions (you can sign up at her site and get a set of actions for free). I love the¬†softness and colors of Amanda’s images. I used a couple of textures of gravestones I took on Cape Cod this summer along with a gradient, a couple of color adjustment layers, and some brightness/contrast layers. I also did frequency separation on her skin. There is a great frequency separation tutorial at http://phlearn.com/amazing-power-frequency-separation-retouching-photoshop

1788-textureRowan on floor EXPERIMENTBackgroundI like the result because it’s not an over the top background, but looks like she is lying on a dark forest floor without losing the focus on her face and body shape. These textures are barely there. I have found it’s tricky to keep these types of images from taking interest away from the subject. I’m going to look back into some of my old¬†photos and see if I can give new life to some images that I thought were not salvageable. I’m so excited about creating new actions now. Thanks Amanda.Rowan on floor EXPERIMENT2