Rowan and Cindy Goff on Whitetop Mountain during Dreamspeed Photography bridal shoot in Virginia.
Rowan Thomas and Cindy Goff on Whitetop Mountain during Dreamspeed Photography shoot in Virginia.
Rowan on Whitetop Mountain in Smyth and Grayson Counties during Dreamspeed Photography shoot
©Dreamspeed Photography/Cindy Goff

Even though we had shot two days for my microstock portfolios, we decided to go up to Whitetop Mountain in Smyth County and Grayson County Virginia. I have wanted to go up there for a long time. I knew it would be a great backdrop to anything we decided to do. We stopped about a quarter of a mile up the mountain and took a few of Rowan in her green dress.

Tracey fixing Rowan's tulle veil and Rowan during Dreamspeed Photography bridal shoot on Whitetop Mountain, Virginia.
Tracey fixing Rowan’s veil

Then we went as far up the mountain as we could (the road got too rough). We had a great time doing the bridal shoot. We had to wade through high grass and a steep hill to get down to the rocks we wanted to use. This was last minute so none of us were wearing good shoes, except the “bride” who was wearing black boots. The wind was so strong that the tulle veil was making great shapes, but we couldn’t keep it on Rowan’s head, and since it was last-minute we didn’t have any pins or other hair goodies. Tracey tied it around her head, and luckily we really didn’t have anymore problems.

Seems all the last-minute shoots are the most challenging, but turn out to be the best. There have been many times my muscles are aching, and I’m ready to crash out and watch Gilligan’s Island. It’s seems at the “end” of our shoots, one of us gets a second wind and we all follow. I think those are the best because I AM tired and my guard is down. I seem to allow myself more creative license near the end of the day. However, none of it would be possible without my great friends. I’m so lucky that I have the kind of friends that walk through chigger invested grass and balance on sharp rocks to get a great photograph.


Dreamspeed Photography shoot on Whitetop Mountain in Virginia.
Ron helping Rowan down onto rocks
Rowan on Whitetop Mountain in Virginia for Dreamspeed Photography bridal shoot
©Dreamspeed Photography/Cindy Goff
Rowan running down Whitetop Mountain in Virginia during Dreamspeed Photography bridal shoot
©Dreamspeed Photography/Cindy Goff

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